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Is Agarbatti-Dhoop Stick Smoke Good For Health

Agarbatti-Dhoop Stick
Agarbatti-Dhoop Stick

Agarbatti-Dhoop Stick are one of the traditional item in every home. For centuries agarbathi is used in India for various occasions be it rituals or puja, marriage, meditation or any other ceremony like housewarming, vratam, marriage, launching new ventures or products etc,.

Reason behind using it signifies spirituality, peace, prosperity and also used some times to purify and freshen the room air. Incense sticks are used by many religions (Hindus, Buddhists, Christians etc.) in India. Widely used by Hindus in every occasion (Good or Bad).

How Agarbatti-Dhoop Stick Is Made?

These perfume sticks are made with stick (agar tree, bamboo tree etc.), paste (using raw materials like gigat powder, tabu powder, coupon powder, wood saw dust, gum, water, charcoal dust, resins etc.) and perfume (aromatic liquids like sandalwood, rose, jasmine, lavender, roots, essential oils etc.).

The paste made with raw materials is applied to stick and let it dried for several days under sun and then dipped in aromatic liquids or incenses. They are packed and sold in markets.

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Benefits Of Incense Sticks

It cleans and purifies the air with their aromatic fragrance around us.

Astrological it is used to ward off bad energy, evil spirits around you or at your place.

Spiritually the fragrance in it elivates your inner spirits, keeps your mind calm and increase or improve your concentration.

In yoga and meditation it helps you to keep calm, peaceful, focus more on meditation and spiritual enlightenment.

Medicinal properties in it helps in quick healing process and also reduces depression, anxiety etc. It is widely used in healing practice in ayurveda

Essential oils present in it helps to clear nasal blockages, treat insomnia etc.

Natural components present in it get rid of germs and keeps diseases caused by germs away.

Boswellic acid (Boswellia serrata, Salai/Salai guggul) which is widely used in incense and medicines has the ability to reduce inflammation in body.

Frankincense used in incense acts as antidepressant and keeps your brain cool and calm by reducing anxiety and depression.

It relaxes your body and mind by reducing unwanted thoughts so you get better sleep, also acts like sleep therapy.

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It reduces headaches, migraine, high blood pressure etc. by keeping your stress levels down.

It helps students to concentrate more on studies by lighting it in their study room.

Is Agarbathi Smoke Good For Health

From our ansectors agarbatti are being used and in vedas also states positive energy of using it. If natural and ayurvedic ingredients used in making incense sticks then you can reap its benefits.

If toxins emitting substances are used in preparing it then it can seriously harm your health.

Some research and study state that inhaling agarbatti smoke is more dangerous than that of the cigarette smoke. It can make genetic mutations where DNA level changes occur due to mutagenic, genetic changes occurs due to genotoxic which leads to cancer and toxins kills your cells.

Another study found that exposure to agarbatti fumes for long term can put you in risk of upper respiratory tract cancer. As you inhale the somke, the pollutants in it gets trapped in lungs causes inflammatory reaction, this may lead to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma.

Chemicals such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and formaldehyde are produced from incense smoke, inhaling it can irritate the lungs and cause chest pains. It is also known to trigger neurological problems including migraines, headaches and forgetfulness.

Is It Good To Burn Dhoop Sticks At Home?

It is not good to burn agarbatti at home or spiritual places(temple) or at any place where it does not have proper ventilation, make sure that you have good ventilation.

Do not buy cheap sticks, there are various brands available in the market with or witout fragrances, just pick the best one.

People suffering with lung disease should avoid burning incense sticks or in-hail smoke

Parents should avoid burning it when kids are around ie. in closed ventilation (room).

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