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Deepam Oil, Lamps And Wicks Used In Deeparadhana


Deeparadhana means glowing light in ones home and inviting god or goddess into their home to bless the family with good health, wealth and prosperity. In all auspicious events or any ceremony we light diyas.

Lighting deepam increases positive vibrations in house. In hindu religion as per tradition people keep deepam in front of god (at home or in temple), front of tulasi pot to seek blessings.

Reason Behind lighting lamps?

Deepam indicates the light of knowledge as light removes darkness our knowledge erases ignorance and makes us shine (once we come out of darkness of ignorance) as it shines itself and causes the objects around to shine due to its reflection.

Importance of Deeparadhana is mentioned in many ancient scripts and this tradition is being carried on. Along with traditional benefits there are also various health benefits.

Deepam is a combination of oil, wicks and lamp. Lamp is called as Lanterns, Lamp Stand in English. Diyas in Hindi, Pramidalu in Telugu.

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Which Oil Is Good / Auspicious For Deeparadhana, Types Of Oils Used In Pooja-Puja :

1) Cow’s Ghee – Aavu Neyyi: Using Cow ghee destroys poverty and brings prosperity, health and happiness.

2) Panchadeepam : Panchadeepa Oil is a combination of Coconut or gingerly, Castor, Neem, Mahua oils and cow’s Ghee. Panchadeepa Oil keeps away from bad thoughts and evil eyes, removes poverty and get rid of illness due to health related problems. It also brings Luck, Wealth, Health and Happiness.

3) Gingely / Sesame – Nuvvula Nune: Using Sesame – Nuvvula Oil eliminates difficulties and removes obstacles from one’s life. Gingely / Sesame oil is very popular as it used to please Lord Shani.

4) Ghee – Neyyi: Ghee emits highly powerful energy and gives Wealth, Health and Happiness.

5) Castor – Amudham: Using Castor Oil brings fame, name and happiness to one’s family. Castor also increase devotional faith.

6) Vegetable – Kuragayalu: Using Vegetable Oil brings peace to one’s family. It also release good energy in the environment.

7) Mahua – Ippa: Using Mahua Oil frees one from debt and evokes the blessings of Lord Shiva.

8) Neem – Vepa Nune: Using Neem Oil gives Wealth.

9) Coconut – Kobbari: Using Coconut Oil benefits will be updated soon on ushassu.com

10) Jasmine – Malle Thailam: Jasmine Oil is used to get blessings from lord hanuman, for success and ward off negativity.

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Different Types Of Lamps Used In Deeparadhana :

1) Clay – Matti Pramidalu : Clay-Earthen lamps are widely used in religious purpose, It enhance knowledge and memory.

2) Silver – Vendi Pramidalu : Silver Lamp Stand is used to impress the moon god, It Safe Guard against poverty, Silver kills germs present in the environment.

3) Gold – Bangarapu Kundulu : Gold diya is inflamed for health, wealth and expansions of business or any other developments. Gold lampstand is also used for prevention of diseases like cancer.

4) Brass – Ittadi Kundulu : Using brass lamp stand increases wealth.

Other Lanterns Used In Deepam :

1) Iron – Inumu : Iron Lamps are used to remove tantra and Saturn related troubles.

2) Rice Flour – Biyyam Pindi : Rice Flour Lamps used to get blessings from gods and goddess.

3) Lemon – Nimmakaya Dolla : Those who light lemon lamps will excel in studies, un-married will find a good partner, married ladies will blessed with happy married life and their families will prosper, the childless couple will be blessed with children and lead prosperous life.

How To Make A Lemon Lamp : First take a fresh lemon and then cut it to middle and take away the juice and seeds from the cut lemon and then invert it.

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4) Ash Gourd – Gummadikaya : Using ash gourd lamp benefits data to be updated please visit ushassu.com again

5) Beet – Dumpa : Use Beet diya to Pacify evil or negative effects of Mars, to prevent from violent deaths.

6) Coconut – Kobbarikaya : Those who light Coconut Lamp will be propitious for child birth and brings good fortune and wealth.

7) Mango Leaf – Mamidi Akulu : Light Mango Leaf Lamps to invite prosperity.

8) betel Leaf – Tamalapaku : Light betel Leaf Lamps to Ward off evil spirits.

9) Peepal Leaf – Raavi Aaku : Peepal Leaf Lamps acts as destroyer of diseases.

10) Jaladeepam – Floating Lamps : Jala deepam is made with water and oil. light these floating lamps in homes for Vastu remedies, to get rid of evil powers and negative influences.

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In Which Direction Oil Lamp Should Face?

You should take utter care while placing Deepam at your home or in pooja room or at temple, as some placements gives good effects and in some directions gives negative effects in your lives.

Below are Directions For Deepam to be placed As Per Vasthu:

1) Deepam Facing East Direction – Good health and peace of mind, removes Sorrow and Evil.

2) Oil Lamps Facing West Direction – Good thing is It will free you from debts and bring victory over enemies, but some say Enmity between relatives and neighbours and Grahadosha occurs

3) Diyas Facing North Direction – This is the best direction to place deepam or oil lamps as it Gives Success in all ventures undertaken, will be blessed with ashta aishwarya siddhi (Gain through 8 kinds of wealth) and also ensures you with success that you do

4) Lanterns Facing South Direction – Never place deepam in the south. It is very inauspicious and brings curse to the family. Only in houses where death occurs keep lamp in South Direction

Different Types Of Wicks Used In Deeparadhana :

1) Cotton – Patti Vattulu : Cotton wicks brings prosperity and all good fortune.

2) Lotus – Tamara Vattulu : Lotus wicks brings wealth and prosperity, it removes karma from previous birth. You will get blessings from goddess lakshmi and Saraswathi.

3) Madar – Jilledu : Madar wicks brings good health, wealth, peace and blessings from Lord Maha Ganapathi to get Success in court matters and competitive exams, recovering all the debts and remove all ill-evil effects.

4) Banana Stem – Arati Kada : Banana stem wicks brings good luck, removes offences before God and ancestral curse, Mainly child bearing obstacles and Healthy child.

5) Yellow Cotton Cloth : Deepam with yellow cotton cloth wick obtains Grace of Devi’s blessings, Family quarrels ends, Husband and wife unites.

6) Red Cotton Cloth – Erra Patti : Deepam with red cotton cloth wick removes any marriage and child bearing obstacles. Increase mutual understanding and love between couples.

7) Milkweed – dudipalatiga : Milkweed wicks remove negativity from the environment, body and the mind (Siddha)

How Many Cotton Wicks To Use :

1) Eka Mukha-Single wick gives medium benefit to the family

2) Dwimuka-Two wicks brings understanding in the family and bless with peace

3) Trimukha-Three wicks blesses the family with children, get blessings to your children

4) Chaturmukha-Four wicks blesses with luxurious life (wealth, success and riches)

5) Panchamukha-Five wicks showers the family with Immense Wealth

6) Shanmukha-Six wicks blesses the family with Immense Knowledge – Akhanda Gnanamu

Slokas to Chant While Doing Deeparadhana:

While lighting the lamp, chant:
Subham Karoti Kalyanam,
Arogyam Dhana Sampadah,
Shatru Buddhi Vinashaya
Deepa Jyotir Namostute.
Translation: I bow and salute the destroyer of my six inner negatives like kama (lust), krodha (anger), lobha (greed), Mada (pride), moha (attachment), matsarya (jealousy) and brings health, wealth, name, fame and prosperity in my life.

After lighting the lamp, chant the prayer:
Deepajyothi Parabrahma,
Deepajyothi Janardhana,
Deepo me hara tu paapam,
Deepa Jyothir Namostute
Translation: My salutation to the creator of this light. I bow and salute to the one who heal’s the pain that happened to others from my mistakes.

Things To Remember While Doing Deeparadhana :

1) One should not use Groundnut Oil and sunflower for lighting lamp if you do so money debts in the home will happen.

2) When you light a lamp, always use 2 wicks, One facing east and another facing North.

3) After head bath one should remove the head towel before lighting the lamp

4) After lighting the lamp don’t rub the excess oil on your hair, doing this make you lose your wealth.

5) Lamp holders should be cleaned daily

6) Cotton wicks and the oil should be changed everyday, never use the the lamps that leftover oil.

7) Never leave lighted deepam unattended. If are required to go out locking your home then make sure to move deepam from puja room and place it in a bowl filled with little water. Another way is add little oil before you lit lamp so that it will not last for longer time and blow off quickly.

8) Some traditions says deepam should not blew off on its own. Once lamp is going to turn off, sumangali should pull the wicks and sprinkle raw milk (mudi palu, pachi palu) on wicks.

9) Deepam made of Lemon should not be light at home at all, Only in temples.

10) Never Light a Lamp towards SOUTH, being regarded as inauspicious.

11) After lighting the lamp don’t rub the excess oil to your dress, it is bad to do.