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Lizard Falling On Women-Men Body Parts Good Or Bad


The study of lizard fall on men or women is called Gauli shastra (Balli Dosham / Gowli Pathana Shastram), It says there are different effects of lizard falling on body parts be it good or bad.

lizard is called as Balli in telugu, Chipkali in hindi, Halli in kannada, Palli in Malayalam, Palli in Tamil, Tiktiki in bengali, Paal in marathi, Jhiti Piti in oriya, House Lizard in english.

What Happens if a Lizard Falls on You (Men / Women)?

we are not sure whether falling of lizard on human will give to positive results or negative results, but by giving respect to the ancient traditions and beliefs, we are providing information based on Balli Sastram.

Is Lizard Fall Considered Lucky?

As per astrology, if a lizard falls on right portion of male and left part of female is considered to be auspicious and others is considered as unauspicious.

Effects Of Lizard (Balli, Chipkali) Falling On Male / Female Body Parts :

On Head Represent High position

On Back Of Head Represent Gains

On Hair Represent Deathlike pain

On Forehead Represent Gains

On Right Forehead Represent Divine grace

On Left Forehead Represent Successful deed

On Eyebrows Represent Money Gain

Lizard Falling between eyebrows / Center of eyebrows Represent quarrel indication

On Right eye Represent Defeat, Meeting with brother

On Left eye Represent Insult or Defamation

On eye lids Represent monitory gains

On Nose Represent Face Defamation At Work

On Nose Tip Represent Defeat

On Right Nose Represent Disease

On Left Nose Represent Anxiety

Lizard Falling Beside Nose Represent Gains Through Friends

On Front part of nose Represent Freedom from bad habits

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On Left Cheek Represent Meeting with an old friend

On Right Cheek Represent Increment in age

On ear Represent may hear bad news

On Right ear Represent Jewelry

On Left ear Represent Increment in finance, gain in wealth

On Beard Represent Unexpected Fear

On Beard Hair Represent Jail

On Mustache Represent Fame

On Upper lip Represent Gains Through Land

On Lower lip Represent Meeting with loved one

On Mouth Represent Delicious food

On Tongue Represent Gains Through Education

On Chin Represent Fear of death

On Neck Represent Fear Of Death

On Throat Represent Fear Of Suicide

On Throat Bone Represent Crisis, Danger

On shoulder Represent Help

On Right shoulder Represent Victory

On Left shoulder Represent Fear from enemies

On Elbow Represent Helpless

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On Right arm Represent Money gain

On Left arm Represent Fear from government

On Right palm Represent New cloths

On Left palm Represent Loss

On Right back of palm Represent Good utilization of assets

On Left back of palm Represent Bad utilization of assets

On Right thumb Represent Gain

On Left thumb Represent Loss

On Right wrist Represent Mental tension

On Left wrist Represent Gain of food grains

On Finger Nails Represent Fear Of Animal

On Nails Represent Gain

On Heart Represent Increment in luxuries

On Left chest Represent Pleasure

On Right chest Represent Gain of Wealth

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On Right breast Represent Victory

On Left breast Represent Tiff

On Armpit Represent Fear Of Evil

On Right armpit Represent Progeny

On Left armpit Represent Pain caused by progeny

On Above Stomach Represent Male child May Born

On Stomach Represent Jewelry

On Belly Button Represent Fear

Below Belly Button Represent Disease

On Side Of Stomach (abdomen) Represent Health

On Right waist Represent Gain of cloths

On Left waist Represent Lack of pleasure

On Center of waist Represent Money gain

On Navel Represent Fulfillment of desires

On Reproductive organs Represent Fear of death

On Back (Center) Represent Quarrels, Fear Of Enemies

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On Back Bone Represent Fear Of Devils

On Right Back Represent Gains for luxuries

On Left Back Represent Rid of diseases

On Buttock Represent gain

On Thigh Above Represent Weakness

On Right thigh Represent Physical pleasure

On Left thigh Represent Physical pain

On Thigh Back Represent Fear Of Poison

On Knee Represent Gain Through Vehicle

On Right knee Represent Meeting with lover

On Left knee Represent Inability to discriminate

On Knee Below Represent Indigestion Problem

On Bone Below The Knee Represent Gains Through Business

On Right leg Represent Traveling

On Left leg Represent Disease

Between the legs Represent Inability to meet loved one

On leg Muscle Represent Success

On Right heel Represent Traveling

On Left heel Represent Bad news

On Foot / Feet Represent wedding

On Below Foot / Feet Represent Gain Through Government

On Right toe Represent Loss in business

On Left toe Represent Increment in charm

On Right leg fingers Represent Stress

On Left leg fingers Represent Fulfillment of desires

On Women Head Represent Afraid of death

On Women Hair Represent Worry about sickness

On Women Hair Knot Represent Worry about sickness

On Women Hair slope (Jada) Represent Death Of Husband

On Women Right ear Represent Expect financial profits

On Women Right Cheek Represent Male child may born

On Women Right eye Represent Creates mental stress

On Women Left eye Represent Get love from your man

On Women chest Represent Cowardice

On Women Back (Center) Represent Expect death news

On Women Upper lip Represent Be ready for disputes

On Women Lower lip Represent You’ll get new things

On Women lips Represent Ready to face difficulties

On Women Right Hand Represent Expect financial profits

On Women Left Hand Represent Creates mental stress

On Women Right palm Represent Romance ahead

On Women Thigh Represent Prostitution

On Women Nails Represent Conflicts / Arguments

On Women Breast Represent Unhappiness may occur

On Women Private parts Represent Immense sorrow

On pregnant women’s womb Represent she will get Great and fortunate son

Other Effects Of Lizard-Chipkali Falling :

On eating vessels Represent you will get wealth

In front of you Represent you will get desired result and wishes

when Laughing Represent Accident

when Sleeping Represent Delay in Results

when Unconscious Represent Delay in Results

when Awake Represent Rapidity in Result

when Eating Represent No Effect at All

when Crying Represent Fulfillment of desires

Remedy – Remedies For Lizard (Balli) Fall on Men-Male, Women-Female Body Parts :

From ancients tradition it is followed that whenever a lizard falls on a person he or she should immediately take bath and light lamp in front of God and recite Maha mrityunjaya mantram.

It it also considered auspicious by touching people who visited Kanchipuram and touched golden Lizard along with silver lizard, sun and moon images on the roof of Kanchipuram or by touching the photo frame of Kanchipuram golden Lizard it is believed that all doshas are eradicated.

Note : Information provided here is for educational / information purpose only. please contact your near spiritualist or temple pujari to get clear details.