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Seven Week Jewellery-Yedu Varala Nagalu


In olden days as per Astrology Traditional Seven Week Jewellery is worn by men and women based on planetary each day to seek blessings, health and wealth. It is also called as yedu – edu varala nagalu in telugu. Many of the younger generations are not familiar with 7 Week Jewellery due to latest trends and fashion.

According to indian history men used to wear gem stones based on week and women used to wear necklace studded with gem stones for each day of the week ie. from monday to sunday.

Edu-yedu means seven, Vaaralu means days-like Sunday, Monday.. Saturday etc. and Nagalu means Jewellery. This ornament wearing tradition followed by our ancestors, but very few are following in present days.

It is also believed that as per astrology wearing 7 week ornaments would benefit from the positive aspects of the planetary influences and bad influences would be reduced.

Below are the list of Seven Week Indian Jewellery-Ornaments :

Sunday is dedicated to Sun God ie. Surya Bhagavan : relates to ur spirit

Sunday Jewellery : Ruby, Studs of Ruby

Adivaram Nagalu : Suryuni kosam Kempu haram, Kempu Kammalu

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Monday is dedicated to Moon God ie. Chandra Bhagavan : Moon relates to your heart

Monday Jewellery : Pearl long necklace, Pearl Bangles

Somavaram Nagalu : Chandruni kosam Muthyala haram, Muthyala Gaajulu

Tuesday is dedicated to Kuja God : Mars relates to your power

Tuesday Jewellery : Coral necklace, Rings

Mangalavaram Nagalu : Kujuni kosam Pagadala Dandalu, Pagadala Ungaralu

Wednesday is dedicated to Budha God : Mercury relates to your sense

Wednesday Jewellery : Emarald Pendent Set, Bangles

Budhavaram Nagalu: Budhuni kosam Pachala Pathakalu, Pachala Gajulu

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Thursday is dedicated to Bruhaspathi : Jupiter relates to knowledge

Thursday Jewellery : Yellow Sapphire Studded Necklace or Ear Rings, Yellow Sapphire Ring

Guruvaram Nagalu : Bruhaspathi kosam Pushyaragam Kammalu or Golusu, Kanaka Pushya Ragam Ungaram

Friday is dedicated to Shukrudu : Venus relates to fertility

Friday Jewellery : Diamond Necklace, Nose Stud

Sukravaram Nagalu : Sukrudu kosam Vajrala Haram, Vajrala Mukkupudaka

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Saturday is dedicated to Shani : Saturn relates to your life span

Saturday Jewellery : Blue Sapphire Necklace or Ring

Shanivaram Nagalu : shani kosam Neelamani Haram, Maniharalu