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Tips For Soft Healthy Pink Lips


Soft and healthy lips enhances the beauty of a face, by taking extra care like drinking water, brushing lips and some tips we can keep our lips softer and healthier in any season be it winter or summer.

Below Are Tips For Softer And Healthy Lips:

1) Drink plenty of water, drinking water not only hydrate your lips but also the whole body, by drinking water it restore the the lost moisture from the skin and the lips and brings out a pinkish and a juicy look to the lips naturally.

2) Choose a good diet, start taking good diet which will make your lips look more healthy and natural. not only Lips a good diet will make you skin glow too. Take more fresh fruits, salads in your diet for a softer and glowing lips

3) Hot or cold conditions can harm your lips, so use lip balm or petroleum jelly, mainly in winters using petroleum jelly moisturize your lips and protect your lips from dry, cracked and rough lips.

4) Enough intake of vitamin B keeps your lips healthy, The lips and the corners of the mouth get cracked due to vitamin B deficiency.

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5) Rubbing your lips with sugar in a circular motion and washing will clear away the dead cells and makes your lips soft.

6) Licking lips keeps your lips hydrated, as saliva keeps your lips from dry.

7) Use a mixture of sugar powder and olive oil or honey to gently scrub away dead cells, this make your lips soft.

8) Brushing your lips with soft bristles tooth brush in circular motion and washing will clear away the dead cells and make your lips look healthy and naturally pink. keep a separate brush and brushing lips twice a week is enough.

9) Use lip balm before applying lipstick, this will keep your lips moisturized.

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10) Avoid sun exposure, if you are regular to sun exposure better to use lip balm for a healthy lips

11) Chlorinated water causes pigmentation of the lips, better to avoid chlorine water getting in contact with lips

12) Quit smoke to retain your pink lips, as people smoking and drinking more coffee and tea usually tend to have dark lips.

13) Using a lot of lipstick or other artificial cosmetics on the lips can be harmful due to chemicals present in it can cause pigmentation

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