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Exchange or Deposit of Rs.2000 Notes Expired, How To Exchange Two Thousand Rupees Now

The deadline given by Reserve Bank of India RBI to exchange 2000 notes has expired on October 7, do you still have Rs.2000 notes? Reserve Bank of India – RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das made a key announcement on currency exchange.

If you missed to exchange two thousand rupees, you can now deposit or exchange up to Rs.20 thousand at a time in 19 RBI regional offices across the country. Rs.2000 notes can also be sent to RBI regional offices through post offices. The amount equal to the value of those notes will be credited in the bank accounts of those who have sent 2 thousand notes.

Note: it should be noted that the change-exchange of Rs.2000 notes can be made only at the regional offices of the RBI only.

On May 19 this year, the Reserve Bank has announced that it is withdrawing Rs. 2000 currency notes. It initially gave a deadline of September 30 to change them. Later that deadline was extended till 7th October.

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