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Varalakshmi Vratham-Pooja-Puja Festival

Varalakshmi Vratham
Varalakshmi Vratham

In Shravana Masam-Month Varalakshmi Vratham is performed on friday, Amongst 4 friday’s Second Friday or friday that comes before full moon day (Purnima-Poornima) is considered to be more auspicious to observe Vrath.

Who Should Perform Varalakshmi Vratham

Married woman perform this vrath to obtain good progeny, for the long life of her husband and get blessed her family with good health, wealth and success in life without any obstacles.

If women doing Varalakshmi Puja for the first time, it is good to do in presence of pandith-pujari and family members.

Significance of Varalakshmi Vratham

Eight kinds – forms of Mahalakshmi are associated as

Adi Lakshmi – goddess

Dhanya Lakshmi – wealth

Dhairya Lakshmi – courage

Gaja Lakshmi – wealth

Santana Lakshmi – progeny

Vijaya Lakshmi – victory

Vidya Lakshmi – knowledge/wisdom

Dhana Lakshmi – wealth

How To Perform Varalakshmi Vratham

You should get the face of the Goddess Varalakshmi or sculpted idol in silver or any other metal.

keep your house and puja platform clean, apply turmeric and Kumkum to doors. Mango leaves and flowers are tied to the entrance.

It’s good to keep all Puja-Pooja Samagri at one place a day before you are planning to do vratham. note that you need to take head bath before arranging items at one place, if not possible then sprinkle turmeric water – pasupu neelu-nillu on the day you are doing Varalakshmi puja.

On vrath day Wake up early and take head bath, clean puja platform and draw rangoli – muggu. Apply turmeric to kalasham-pot and add saffron – kumkuma bottu and place it on muggu – rangoli.

Arrange flowers and fruits on your afford and start vratham.

Varalakshmi Pooja-Puja Samagri List

Fruits, flowers, coconuts, betel leaves, jaggery, new clothes, Jewelry, hair for the Goddess, Garland, vakkalu-betel nuts, Pasupu-Haldi, Kumkuma-Kumkum, Chandanam-Chandan, Raw rice for akshintalu, Diya-Oil lamp, rangoli powder-Muggu, Incense sticks-Agarbathi, Peetha-Peetam, Camphor, sambrani and tray.

Prasadam – Naivedyam On Varalakshmi Vratham

prasadas or naivedyam to offer are Sweet pongali(payasam), chalimidi, paankam, vadapappu, pulihora, Garelu, Poornam Boorelu, Kudumulu, Senagalu, Bobbatlu etc.

Vayanam – Tambulam On Varalakshmi Vratham

As per tradition vayanam – thamboolam consists of betel leaves – two leaves must in Tambulam, betel nuts (you can also keep supari pack), fruits, turmeric powder, kumkum, blouse piece – jakettu mukka, bangles and soaked chickpea (black or white chana)

You can pack all these in one cover and distribute to five married ladies – Muttaiduva (Muttaiduvalu), 5 married ladies are must and you can distribute to more muttaiduvalu as per your capability – stomatha.

Story-History Behind Varalakshmi Vratham

Charumathi a brahmin woman from Kundina town was very much devoted to her husband and family. Laxmi Devi was impressed by her humble, kind and devotion came in her dreams and asked her to perform Vara Laxmi pooja.

She explained her the procedure to do Varalakshmi vratham – puja on friday which come before Purnima-Poornima day.

Next day when she woke up informed to her family and friends about the dream and got encouragement from her husband and family to perfom vrath. Charumathi along with her family, friends and the women of the town performed Vara Laxmi Vratam with utmost devotion.

Impressed by the dedication and devotion towards her, Maa Lakshmi Devi appeared before them and granted boons to all and their houses were filled with grains, diamonds, jewels and gold. They all lived happily in their rest of life. Since then women have begun observing Vara Laxmi Vrata every year on the specific Friday and this tradition is being continued.