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Natural Foods For Clean And Healthy Lungs

Healthy Foods Lungs
Healthy Foods Lungs

Detoxification of lungs is important as we frequently get exposed to pollutants, harmful toxins, smoke, air pollution, chemical exposure and viruses. There are several ways to detox your lungs and improve your lung health.

Eating healthy food that strengthen your immunity system and regular exercise will clean and help your lungs to function smoothly.

List Of Natural Foods That Detox Lungs And Keep Them Clean And Healthy

Almonds : alpha tocopherol present in almonds protects from lung cancer.

Anchovies : a salt water fish rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats and also lung health promoting nutrients.

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Apple : high levels of antioxidants present in apples protect lungs from Pneumonia.

Arugula : anticancer properties in Arugula reduce the risk of lung and other cancer’s.

Avocados : protect’s from lung infection. Anti inflammatory properties and antioxidant’s reduce inflammation.

Barley : promotes a healthy lung function, reduces the risk of lung related diseases.

Black Tea : prevents lung damage due to cigarette smoke. antioxidant property present in it reduce oxidative stress.

Blackberries : antioxidants present in it helps to fight against free radicals and maintain healthy lungs.

Blueberries : nutrients and antioxidants in it protect lungs from oxidative damage and promotes a healthy lung function.

Bok Choy : lower risk of developing lung and other cancer’s. It also has cooling effect of inflammation in lungs.

Brazil Nuts : selenium a rich nutrient present in it reduces the risk of lung cancer and improves lung functioning.

Broccoli : has the ability to protect lungs from oxidative damage caused by pollution, cigarette smoke etc.

Brussels Sprouts : has the ability to reverse lung damage, it also protects against lung and other cancer’s.

Cabbage : eating it can overcome lung damage, it has ability to cure or get rid of lung and various cancer’s.

Carrots : protects from developing lung disease, antioxidants present in carrot, carrot juice prevents lung cancer in smokers.

Cauliflower : one of the healthy food for a healthy lungs. It has the ability to reduce risk of lung cancer.

Cherries : antioxidant rich food like cherry helps lungs breathe oxygen. It reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.

Cinnamon : has the ability to fight against respiratory infections but eating heavy dry cinnamon can put negative impacts on throat and lungs.

Cocoa : flavanols, theobromine present in dark chocolate smoothen muscle tissues in lungs. It also has ability to reduce damage to cells and inflamation.

Coffee : when taken in limit is good for health, over consuption may effect your health and also on lungs.

Collard Greens : detoxifying, anti-cancer properties present in collards lower the risk of lung and other cancers.

Edamame : vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in tender soy beans improve lung functioning.

Eucalyptus : inhaling eucalyptus oil fights respiratory infections and clears mucus and other tiny particles.

Garlic : has the ability to ward off life threatening bacteria that cause lung infections.

Ginger : anti inflammatory properties removes toxins from the respiratory tract and reduce inflammation in your lungs.

Grapes : adding grapes in your diet keeps your lungs young, healthy and protects from lung damage.

Green Tea : antioxidants in green tea reduce inflammation in lungs and protect lung tissue from harmful effects of smoke inhalation.

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Honey : antioxidants, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation in the bronchial tubes which helps to clear lung congestion.

Kale : anti cancer properties present reduce risk of lung cancer.

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Mackerel : omega-3 fatty acids and protien rich food present removes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Mushrooms : a powerhouse of antioxidant protects your body from free radicals, keeps your immunity system strong and fight against cancer cells.

Olive Oil : Extra virgin olive oil a vitamin E rich oil improves lung health, removes oxidative stress, kill cancer cells.

Onion : flavonoids in onions fight inflammation and protects lungs from damage, cancer.

Orange : antioxidants in oranges helps lungs to breath oxygen and fight infection and inflammation.

Oysters : Sea foods like oyster boost immune system. Be cautious while shopping it.

Peppermint : peppermint oil cleanse lungs, relax bronchial muscles and helps your lungs to breath ease.

Pepper : peppers like cayenne, bell, chilli discharges mucus from lungs and fights infection.

Pomegranate : Pomegranate and juice contain many antioxidants which slows down growth of lung tumors.

Protein : Rich protien foods like meat, peas, milk, cheese etc. keep your lung muscles stronger and improves breathing.

Pumpkin : rich antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties in pumpkins has ability to combat lung cancer.

Purple Potato : maintains healthy lung function.

Raspberries : boost your lung health and protects from lung cancer.

Red Cabbage : an anti-inflammatory food reduce chronic inflammation and lower the risk of lung cancer.

Salmon Fish : omega-3 fatty acids in fish esures clean and healthy lungs.

Sardines Fish : keeps your lungs healthy and clean and improves lung function.

Steam Therapy : steam inhalation removes mucus from lungs and helps lungs to breathe easy.

Strawberries : high level antioxidants in strawberry fights free radicals and protect lungs from cancer risk.

Swiss Chard : alpha tocopherol antioxidant belongs to Vitamin E category in swiss chard reduces the risk of lung cancer.

Tomatoes : antioxidants in tomato protect cells and restore lung damage casued due to smoking.

Turmeric : curcumin reduce acute and chronic inflammation in lungs, prevents for free radicals and oxidative stress.

Vitamin D : vitamin-d deficiency may lead to low lung function and other chronic lung diseases like lung inflammation, scarring etc.

Water : drinking enough water keeps your body hydrated and also ensures all organs including lungs function properly.

Yogurt : healthy bacteria in curd keeps lung tissue healthy, lower risk of lung inflammation, cancer even among smokers.

Points To Remember :

  • Quitting smoking, Regular exercise, breathing exercises, quality of air we breath are also important factors for a healthy lungs.
  • Limit cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, radishes, cauliflower etc if you are suffering with gastric problems, as they have ability to bloat your stomach.
  • Seafood may contain minor to serious illness causing bacteria, viruses, parasites etc. Be extra cautious while buying it.