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Significance Of Each Day-Tithi In Karthika Masam

Karthika Masam-Kartik Month
Karthika Masam-Kartik Month

Kartik masam being favorite month of both lord shiva and god vishnu, considered as the most auspicious month by hindus. People do prayers, perform fasting in this month.

Significance Of Each Day In Karthika Masam

Each day in Kartika maasam has its importance, there is belief that performing pooja to the god based on tithi and chanting mantras gives immense benefits.

Day 1 : Padyami

One should visit Lord Siva or Lord Vishnu temple and offer prayers to give strength for the whole month to perform day wise tasks successfully. This day we light Akasa Deepam. Lamp can be placed at your house entrance or at any Siva or Vishnu temple.

On Karthika suddha Padyami Tithi one should perform Pooja to Lord Shiva, you will be blessed with Tejas (Glory).

Day 2 : Vidiya

Popularly known as Bhai Dooj, On this auspicious day Brother should visit his sister’s house to seek her blessings and eat food cooked by her. One should shower blessings and gift her.

On Karthika suddha Vidiya Tithi one should perform Puja to devatha Lord Vishnu, Doing so will be benefited with Santhi (Peace of mind).

Day 3 : Thadiya

Good Day to do Thrilochana Gauri Vratham. Those who are unable to do Vrath can perform Kumkuma archana or Pooja to Maa Parvathi on this day.

On Karthika suddha Tadiya Tithi performing Pooja to Shakti will receive aishwarya prapthi (Wealth) Phalam.

Day 4 : Chavithi

Good day to worship Lord Subramanya swamy (Murugan), called as Nagula Chavithi telugu speaking states andhra pradesh and telangana.

People perform pooja to Naga devatha on Karthika suddha Chavithi Tithi to get Ayush and Arogya prapthi (Longevity and Health).

Day 5 : Panchami

Also known as Jnana Panchami, one should do archana to Lord Subramanya swamy. Performing Subrahmanyeswara pooja will get Karya siddhi (Success in work).

Day 6 : Shasti

On this Karthika suddha Shasthi Tithi one should not eat their favorite food. Performing Pooja to Lord Subrahmanyeswara on this day will be blessed with Santhana prapthi (Children).

Day 7 : Saptami

One should pray to Lord Surya (Sun God) and donate wheat tied in a red color cloth. Doing prayer to Lord Surya on this Tithi will be blessed with Tejas and Arogya (Glory and Health).

Day 8 : Ashtami

Also known as Gopala ashtami, one should do pooja to Gomatha (Holy Cow). Offering pooja to Godess Durga will get relief from miseries (Sankata nivarana)

Day 9 : Navami

On Akshaya Navami one should start Vishnu Triratra Vratham, worshipping Vishnu and Lakshmi devi. It should be performed for three days as this vrat should end on Ekadasi day.

On Karthika suddha Navami offering prayers to Pithru devathas will Get Kutumba soukhyam (Happy family)

Day 10 : Dasami

One should pray Lord Vishnu today, On this Tithi one should perform Gajendra moksha parayanam for getting relief from obstacles.

Day 11 : Ekadasi

On this day people do fasting (Upavasam), praying Lord Shiva on this thithi will be benefited with Karya siddhi (Success in work)

Day 12 : Dwadasi

Also known as Ksheerabdi Dwadasi, Chiluka Dwadasi, Yogeeswara Dwadasi, HariBodhini Dwadasi. Mythology says Lord Vishnu will wake up from his yoga nidra on this day. One should pray Lord Vishnu, good to do puja under Gooseberry tree or before Tulsi plant.

Doing prayer to Lord Vishnu on this Tithi will be blessed with Dhana Dhanya Vruddhi(Wealth and Good life).

Day 13 : Trayodasi

Auspicious day to donate Shaligram, keep fasting and offering prayers to Lord Vishnu on Trayodashi will be blessed with Tejas (Glory).

Day 14 : Chathurdasi

Good day to donate Iron and Sesame, Avoid your favorite food today. Performing pooja to Lord Kala Bhairava on Chaturdashi will get Relief from akala mrityu haranam (Relief from sudden Deaths).

Day 15 : Pournami

Auspicious day to do Nadi Snanam (Taking Bath in River), light diya at Lord Siva or Vishnu temple. Those who are unable to light can get the same benefits by seeing deepam at temple.

Praying Lord Shiva / Lord Krishna on this day will get Moksha.

Day 16 : Bahula Padyami

Better to avoid stocked-stored food on this day, avoid eating curd. One who perform pooja to Lord Agni (Fire) will be blessed with Tejas (Glory).

Day 17 : Vidiya

Auspicious day to do Vana Bhojanam (eating food under tree). It is said that offering prayers to Lord Vishnu under Gooseberry tree and then having food there with relatives and friends will bring great benefits.

One who perform Pooja to ashwini devatas(two twin brothers) on Karthika bahula Vidiya Tithi will be blessed with Arogya (Health).

Day 18 : Thadiya

Good to donate tulsi mala to brahmin, praying Gauri Devi (Parvathi) on this tithi will be blessed with Soubhagya (Good for Husband and Children).

Day 19 : Chavithi

One should do pooja to Lord Vinayaka with Garika (grass which is favorite to Ganapati), Praying Lord Ganesh on On Karthika bahula Chavithi Tithi will be benefited with Kutumba saukhyam (Gives happy family life)

Day 20 : Panchami

On this day one should feed animals, ants, birds etc. Performing pooja to Karthikeya will be benefited with Vijayam (Victory)

Day 21 : Shasti

Need to take blessings from Grama Devatha. On this day one should donate on his/her ability. Doing pooja to Muruga on Karthika bahula Shasthi Tithi will be benefited with Santhana vriddhi (Children)

Day 22 : Saptami

One should perform pooja to Lord shiva with white Calotropis Gigantea (Jilledu in telugu, Erukku in tamil).

On Karthika bahula Sapthami Tithi praying Lord Surya will be blessed with Ayush and Arogyam (Longevity-Long lived and Health)

Day 23 : Ashtami

One should perform pooja to Kala bhairava with Vada ( Garelu in telugu) and feed dogs. Those who perform Ashta Lakshmi pooja will get peace (Shanti)

Day 24 : Navami

Good day to donate water, red color saree, blouse piece, bangles etc. Praying Godess Durga will get success in life (Karya siddhi)

Day 25 : Dasami

One should donate food on this day and keep fasting (upavasam), performing pooja to Ashta dikpalakas (Indra, Agni, Yama, Nirruthi, Varuna, Vayu, Kubera, Eeshanya – Shiva) will Get Keerthi (Glory-Fame)

Day 26 : Ekadasi

Doing Deeparadhana (lighting the Lamp) on this day will reap benefits, praying Kubera on this Ekadashi Tithi will blessed with Dhana prapthi (Money).

Day 27 : Dwadasi

Should donate food for the needy, praying Lord Vishnu on Dwadashi will attain Yoga prapthi.

Day 28 : Thrayodasi

One should do pooja to Navagraha and keep fasting on this day, praying Lord Yama will get relief from severe diseases (vyadhi Nivarana)

Day 29 : Chaturdashi

Also known as Masa Shivaratri, good day to pray lord siva and keep fasting, Mruthyunjaya prayer will be blessed with Arogyam (get relief from all diseases, get longevity.

Day 30 : Amavasya

One should donate food on the name of the deceased (pithru devathalu), good to keep vrat and light lamp in temple and offer coconut. This day is last day of lighting Akasa Deepam.

Performing prayers to Pithru devathas will get Mano dhairyam (Mental stability)

What Should We Do and What We Should Not Do In Karthika Masam – Kartik Month

Do’s and Dont in Karthika masam-Kartika masam-Kartheeka masam are as follows :

People should get up at Brahma Muhurtham time.

Take bath with in the river or sea (including hair) if possible or take bath at home before sunrise.

Perform Pooja at home by offering naivedyam. Visit temples on Mondays.

Recite each chapter in Karthika puranam daily for 30 days.Also people recite Vishnu Sahasranamalu.

Daily morning and evening perform light deepam. Light deepam at tulasi plant in the evening after the presence of stars.

Keeping deepam – lighitng diya in any Lord Shiva or vishnu temple will be beneficial.

Eat meal once a day. Don’t eat non veg food.Strictly avoid onions and garlic.

Charity (Danam) has to be given to the poor and the people in need.

Daily Japa(meditative repetition of a mantra or name of God) has to be performed.

Light deepam with 365 wicks on karthika pournami at Lord Siva temple or at tulasi plant.

Fasting has to be observed especially on Naguala Chavithi, Ekadashi, Pournami.

People should perform archana and abhishekam to Lord Shiva.

For some families they will be karthika Masam nomulu they should follow the rituals very strictly.

Vana Bojanalu (eating food) under the amla tree will remove off the sins committed.

Some people use deepam made of rice flour or Gooseberry to light deepam.

last Day of Karthika Masam ie Amavasya day is also very auspicious and known as “Poli Swargam”.

On the last day of karthik month Light deepam with 31 wicks – vattulu (why 31 wicks – vathulu means considering whole karthika masam days ie 31 days) on a banana trunk or plaintain stem (arti – ariti kada dimma) and leave in the river. If not possible to light deepam near the river or else if not possible in the river You can light a deepam near the tulasi plant at home and in a big tub place filled with water and place the deepam.